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We want young people to learn the value and importance of words.


Projeto Atrevida is a pedagogical and editorial initiative that aims to promote, in a universe of children and adolescents, from 10 to 14 years old, citizenship and cognitive development through free artistic-literary creation within the Portuguese language panorama.




Associação Atrevida is a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP) that was born with a clear and determined intention to give children  what has always belonged to them: their voice, the fabulous sense that at these ages they have in their hands, through the written word, theirs, the one that allows them to be protagonists of their own stories, of their own encounters and adventures, in full exercise of freedom and creativity without limits.

Often, as a result of educational concepts that are, we believe, wrong and even sterilizing, children lose their voice, their verb, their expressive pulse to limit themselves to repeating and memorizing what others, still adults, tell them and order them. .

In this way, we all lose, children and not so children, the possibility of knowing the almost unlimited capacities that at certain ages manifest themselves with inexhaustible strength and portent.


Therefore, we developed  projects and contents aimed at promoting citizenship through literacy. We are talking about events, books, lectures and other cultural actions that, from their conception and during their development, aim to encourage the lexicographic skills of children and young people, contributing to a more solid formation when it comes to understanding the world in which we live. and, in this way, recognize the individual's potential to positively reinterpret their citizen actions.

We want young people to learn the value and importance of words, creation and responsibility through creative play and the development of their sensitivity. Something that we consider truly useful, urgent and essential if we want to bet on a better, fairer and more beautiful world.

cheeky team


Javier Betemps

Recognized child-centrist, master of camouflage, cartographies of the soul and occasional funambulist, he understands that humility is an achievement, that love must be reinvented and that the earth is blue as an orange. He has a degree in Philosophy, Social Anthropology, a Masters in Communication of Public and Political Institutions and an expert in teaching the language of Lorca, Cortázar and Cervantes. Lives and dreams in São Paulo. Yes, daring, like the dawn of each day. He knows himself from the South, he deeply and militantly recognizes Greco-Latin and rejects any type of defeatist or conformist discourse on reality.

Together with his comrade Paulo Madrid, and in a rush of sentimental infection, he created the Associação Atrevida, a polyhedral artefact that distills love, generosity and pedagogy, thus trying to establish channels of creative expression for the young: the heroes of the future, giving both the voice and the word to those who discover it for the first time.

He is sure that the world has been better since the Atrevida Association has existed and that Lusophony deserves adventures and apostolates like this, as full of optimism as of illusion. Everyone who knows him is boldly invited to be part of this revolution that is presented to you here.


Mariana Juliao

Mariana Julião has a degree in Graphic Design at the State University of Minas  Gerais, with over 13 years of experience in the communication and design area, specializing in  in digital media. It is always on the move in search of projects and experiences that create  professional challenges and bring personal development. Her sensitive look took her in 2007  to Lisbon, the city of love, where he was able to work in the most  renowned in Portugal, integrating demanding and competitive teams.

His literary interest turned his eyes to the educational universe, where  contributes from her professional and vital experience, acting as cultural manager and institutional designer.  In design, she is discreet and assertive, likes to  simple solutions that value content. In cultural management, she is creative and sagacious, values the  boldness capable of opening doors.

A lover of cinema, literature and bicycles alike, he found in Associação Atrevida the perfect way to combine aesthetics, pedagogy and love.  


Elena Román

Elena Román, a cultural manager skilled in coordinating events independently in Córdoba and through El Dorado Cultural Activism in Toledo, is also skilled in the area of ​​literary awards (she is a jury for several national and international poetry and short story awards, as well as coordinator of the latest edition of the Pérez-Taybilí Short Story Prize). It has a history of more than ten years in which poetry and its full dissemination without barriers go hand in hand. He has given workshops and encouraged reading in schools and institutes in various communities, as well as energized bars and streets with performances and recitals (with the groups Okateka and Verbo Sueño), and even spaces that are often forgotten culturally and artistically speaking, such as soup kitchens. or day centers for patients with Alzheimer's or cerebral palsy, the latter through Cosmopoética. She is the author of twenty-two books of poetry and fiction, has been awarded in countless national and international competitions in the aforementioned genres, has been translated into French, English, Romanian and Arabic, and collaborates with all kinds of publications with both literary creations and with prologues, reviews, etc.


Eva Ramírez

Eva Ramírez, with studies in journalism, art and audiovisual communication as a tool of expression for the defense of human rights. Intercultural social mediator since the early 90s. Activist in the defense of human rights, in their right to migrate, in the protection of the rights of children, mainly of minors at risk and in their right to freedom of expression; That right shall include the freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, whether orally, in writing or in print, in artistic form or by any other means chosen by the child.

She has been co-founder of the Nedjma Sociocultural Association, carrying out projects and workshops on interculturality, solidarity and awareness programs for educational centers and cultural programs of city councils in the Community of Castilla la Mancha and Madrid. Co-founder and project technician of the Immigrant Association of Toledo and the Coordinator of Immigrant Associations of Castilla la Mancha.

She has collaborated in the integration of unaccompanied foreign minors as an educator in sheltered centers and in extracurricular workshops. She has participated in research at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Santiago de Compostela to learn about the adaptation processes of non-Spanish people to Spanish society and culture.

She has collaborated with Save The Children in several projects in Morocco as a cooperation technician, supporting the strengthening of associations, launching projects and photographic monitoring for dissemination. He has also produced for this NGO a practical guide to resources, rights and procedures for agents who work with unaccompanied foreign minors. She has participated in different public, association and NGDO programs in social integration project management, training, awareness, communication and dissemination tasks.

Artistic expression through audiovisuals and graphic design is one of her skills when it comes to raising awareness of social issues, having participated in several traveling exhibitions for different NGOs, including Unicef ​​and Save the Children, and having been awarded in several competitions. of photography related to human rights issues.

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