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A reliable and viable initiative, but above all motivating and necessary within the educational and training panorama of  new Brazilian generations that lack concrete proposals that stimulate writing. For this reason, and because we are fully  aware of the goodness  pedagogical and inclusive that this adventure provides, we faithfully believe in the success of the Atrevida Project, in the real echo that  has and will have before the Brazilian community and the world!

How to support the Atrevida Project?


Full or partial funding of the next edition of the International Competition for Young Writers . Companies interested in supporting socio-educational actions within the perspective of social responsibility, can sponsor the realization of the Atrevida Project in whole or in part through financial support for the cost of the Contest.  For more information, please get in touch.


We invite private companies to choose several educational, hospital and/or socio-educational centers for the donation of lots of books comprising the pack of 3 Atrevidas Anthologies.

Presentation, delivery of books and bold diploma in the chosen places will be recorded in photos and films that will later be publicized in the communication channels of both the company and Associação Atrevida in order to promote social responsibility action.


These books, the Audacious Anthologies, tell us about a present full of future; tell us about the adventure of creation perceived as a vital act  forming a delicious and necessary cartography to be able to approach life with faith and hope. They thus represent a  positive message, excellent for gifting customers and employees on special dates such as Christmas, Children's Day, Mother's Day and other commemorative seasons.

Books can be customized!

Institutional Partners

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