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Who said that literature  should children and youth be written by adults?

Let no one forget: all children are poets, free creators, essential inhabitants of the fabulous; and from Associação Atrevida we will prove it! We welcome a different way of perceiving pedagogy, education and, consequently, a new way of interpreting the world.



Welcome to the universe of this fourth generation of daring authors aged 10 to 14 from the four corners of the world, from Brazil to Macau!

Result of the IV International Competition for Children and Youth Authors in Portuguese: “Atrevdida”, this IV Atrevida Anthology continues the happy path of the previous three and brings to readers, the educational community and society in general these NEW VOICES FOR ONE NEW WORLD.

For more information and to purchase a copy of this book, just contact us!


What we want?

We want to redefine the concept of children's literature, in the  which children and adolescents are not just recipients  or mere readers of children's literature made by adults,  but rather, allowing them to use the word, converting them  into central protagonists of their stories.


We believe that this is a way to encourage them to gain confidence in their creative and cognitive abilities and to promote citizenship through the conscious use of the written word.

What do we propose?


The Atrevida Project proposes the call for the International Contest for Children and Youth Authors, from 10 to 14 years old,  in Portuguese: "Atrevida".


As a result of the Contest, an edition of the Antologia Atrevida is launched with the best texts from the 4 corners of the world.


The Bold Anthologies should be introduced as a didactic tool within classes in various curricular subjects (Literature, Portuguese, Music, Visual Arts, Theater, etc.), thus demonstrating their high didactic versatility.


The Daring Anthologies should be part of the bibliographic collection of State, Municipal, School and Community Public Libraries across the country.

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