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From 11/23 to 01/20

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If you are between 10 and 14 years old, join!

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Shipping methods ​


The works to the Contest must be submitted online by completing the form with the digital file of the text (word, pdf formats) attached.

By post

The works for the Competition may also be sent by post, together with the authorization of the legal guardian, to:

Bold Sociocultural Association
"V International Competition for Authors
  children's "Audacious"


Av. São João 1333, 53 – República. Sao Paulo-SP. Brazil
Zip code: 01035-100


Delivery date


The deadline for submission or presentation of works will be the 20th  January 2021.

For works sent by postal mail, the date of the seal stamp of the transport company will be taken into account.

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