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From 11/23 to 01/20


If you are between 10 and 14 years old, join!




Free (literarily possible or impossible).


All children and teenagers between 10 and 14 years of age, with unpublished literary texts on a subject and free format, written in Portuguese and who have not previously competed in any other contest, can participate in the Contest.


The texts sent may be handwritten, printed, illustrated or not, as the author freely considers.




The works will be signed by their author and must be accompanied by a written authorization, from one of the parents or legal guardians (inserted in the registration form of the Contest), allowing the dissemination and use of the same, free of charge, throughout and any activity promoted by members of the Contest organization.


Likewise, the works must be accompanied by a telephone contact and e-mail address of the participant's parents or legal guardians.

Shipping methods


The works to the Contest must be submitted online by completing the form with the digital file of the text (word, pdf formats) attached.

By post

The works for the Competition may also be sent by post, together with the authorization of the legal guardian, to:

Bold Sociocultural Association
V International competition for authors
  children's "Audacious"


Av. São João 1333, 53 – República. Sao Paulo-SP. Brazil
Zip code: 01035-100

Delivery date


The deadline for submission or presentation of works will be January 20, 2021.

For works sent by postal mail, the date of the seal stamp of the transport company will be taken into account.




In this edition, the jury will be composed of recognized personalities of the Portuguese-speaking culture (to be announced in due course), educators and writers, and members of the Atrevida Association.


The jury's verdict will be final and, in due course, communicated to the winners, as well as to the parents/guardians and teachers of participants in the Competition.



  • 1st Prize: A laptop and a selection of books chosen by the jury.

  • 2nd Prize: A tablet and a selection of books chosen by the jury.

  • 3rd Prize: A Kindle reader and a selection of books chosen by the jury.

The best competing texts will be selected and published in a book, the IV Antologia Atrevida, composed with the best of Lusophone children's literature.

All authors of the works selected for the edition of the commemorative book will be given a credit certificate for participating in the Contest, as well as a copy of the edited book.




Associação Atrevida will publish the winning texts and a selection of some other texts received in a commemorative book of the Contest.


Associação Atrevida reserves the right to edit and distribute selected works.


The authors of the selected works undertake not to use other channels or public or private entities, other than Associação Atrevida, for the distribution of the commemorative book.




The works submitted to the Competition will not be returned to the participants.



Participation in the V International Contest of Children's and Youth's Literature Atrevida implies full knowledge and acceptance of its regulations .

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