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At a time when society as a whole is experiencing profound paradigm shifts, it is always good to look at young people and listen to what they think, feel and... write. There are many times when a new look at life and its challenges is needed, and, in this sense, the freshness, intelligence and clarity of this much-needed look can and should be sought among the new generations, as they are themselves the ones that demand this protagonism. And that's exactly what this IV Anthology Atrevida offers and represents: new voices willing to interpret from tradition and avant-garde, from the value of the word and the almost infinite possibilities of the Portuguese language, the world in which they live but also the world where they would like to live. This IV Atrevida Anthology continues the happy path of the previous three and brings to readers, the educational community and society in general these NEW VOICES FOR A NEW WORLD, a celebration of young literature in Portuguese, which invites to practice healthy habit of reading among young people, but also and above all the desire to write, thus contributing to the strengthening of the quality of training of the new generations, who are the joy of the present and the hope of the future.

IV Audacious Anthology

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