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authentic Children's Literature. This book is a miracle, an authentic declaration of intent that is here to stay, to avenge and to claim the place it deserves within Portuguese-speaking letters. This book comes from all corners of lusophony and addresses the whole world, singing and telling truths that deserve to be read, heard and lived, and from which we all have a lot to learn. This book is a demonstration of freedom, creativity and imaginative strength with which young authors aged between eight and fourteen from all over Lusophone can contribute to the vigor and health of the Lusophone language. This book is your book, daring friends, you who are not afraid to enter the forests of the most powerful and free imagination, that of children's authors, who contribute, here, with their pure and emaciated verb to return to literature children and youth the place that has always belonged to them.

II Audacious Anthology. "The Fatherland is the Childhood".

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