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This book, this Audacious Anthology, tells us about a present full of future; tells us about the adventure of creation perceived as a vital act without strategies in which childhood, utopia and high literature come together and intertwine forming a delicious and necessary cartography to be able to approach life with faith and hope. This book collects the best texts by writers aged between 8 and 14, from all over the Portuguese-speaking world, who participated in the 1st International Children's and Youth Writers Contest La Atrevida. A contest that finally creates a new horizon of vital, pedagogical and collective renewal and that bets on childhood as a constant reference for moral, aesthetic and literary freedom. All children are poets. Some know this; others deny acknowledging it. But with this first Anthology Atrevida we intend to demonstrate what is already a cry, an urgent need, a demand and a cry that will continue in the near future with new editions.

Cheeky Anthology. Reading is good. Writing is better.

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